In 2002 four Golden pastors started praying together. Now, they weren’t from the same church, or even the same denomination, yet when they came together to pray they didn’t bring any agenda from their own churches. They just prayed and listened to God together. Since they were meeting together regularly, they became friends. And just like friends do, they started doing things together. Things like the Community Garden, the Golden Rescue Fund, Buffalo Bill Days Service, and the Neighborhood Rehab Project (and many more… see Our Service). Things that served the Golden community as well as strengthening the bond between Christians in Golden. The city of Golden liked the things that the Church was doing and they said, “Who are these people? Let’s call them the Together Church of Golden!”. Today there are ten different churches involved in the network of Together Church. The pastors still meet together weekly to pray together. And each year, they become better and better friends, so of course, they do more and more things together. The pastors are continuing to discern together, what God is calling them to be intentional about for His ongoing glory.

The “Together Church of Golden” serves the community through; prayer, service and partnership. This is done in cooperation with one another and with the appointed and elected leaders in Golden.

We desire to purposefully say “no” to certain good things but say “yes” to the right things.

We desire to be aware of how the various aspects of the Golden community perceives and describes the Together Church, such as the Civic / First Responder community, the Service / Clubs community, the Schools and Business Communities.

As members of the “Together Church of Golden” we have chosen to work together to make the Kingdom of God visible in Golden, allowing Him to guide us into the future. We have chosen to be intentional and available in our relationships with one another. We realize that Jesus is the Head of His church and we choose to follow His leading.