• For God's people to become intimately intertwined in the life of Golden so that we earn the right to bless the people of Golden and point them to our hope in Jesus (Jeremiah 29:4-14).–Len Billings

  • I dream of a transformed city, where all members of our community have the opportunity to see their value and contribute in a significant way toward God’s sovereign purpose for Golden, Colorado! –Dan Thoemke
    Pastor, Hillside Community Church

  • "My hope is that we function as the Church of Golden. That we work together under the authority of Christ. That the Glory of God would flow through the homes, businesses, lives and activities of our community. My hope is that we become more passionate about the Kingdom of God, His grace and His truth. That our decisions would be reflected by our unity in Christ Jesus instead of the insecurities found in our differences. I hope that God would be honored and glorified through His people and His Church in Golden. –Kevin Shive
    Pastor, Hillside Community Church

  • It is a joy to join as a community of Christ-followers in service to the city of Golden. Our partnership extends well beyond our immediate fellowship to include the elected leadership of our city, the first-responders, educators, and public servants. I know of few places in Colorado or even the United States where this kind of cohesive partnership exists. It is a great privilege to be part of this community. –Mimi Dixon
    Pastor, First Presbyterian Church of Golden

As individual churches in Golden, we each strive to bring the Kingdom of God here, to Golden. We each do that in different ways, but when we work together the unity that is brought about is so powerful. Our dream is to work together in unity, not because we’re supposed to, but because we love each other and it just makes sense! Here are a few things that we’ve thought about together, and we feel describes us pretty well.

Together Church of Golden Creed

We are the church of Jesus Christ in this community. Today we choose to celebrate our differences and stand together as one church, one body, one faith. Today we choose to join together to worship our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Today we choose to join together in prayer; seeking God’s heart for our community. Today we choose to resound as one voice; proclaiming the Good News of Christ. Today we choose to join arms with our brothers and sisters and serve the people in our community. We stand together – One church, one body, one faith.